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is an open-source movement

utilize your personal data


Some companies know everything about you! That is not okay in this era in which privacy and data ownership for the consumers became a mainstream issue. But let's not worry about that for just a second and instead wonder:
why do we not have the same powers?

nostalgia provides a platform for combining ALL your personal data to provide you with all the insights into yourself.

This movement is driven by GDPR rulings in Europe which force companies to provide you with your personal data.
For the first time in history, having data can be a liability.

  • Relive experiences much more easily, as all your data can be viewed at once using a Timeline.
  • For example, during a concert: messages sent, pictures made, expenses, heartrate and so on.
  • Find lost articles you've read by remembering where you were then and use that knowledge to filter e.g. your browser history.


Nostalgia at the highest level consists of 3 components. Sources are the connections coming from the data into the system. The Core is facilitating the interface that sources should adhere to. It also provides a query language (based on Python pandas) that provides helper functions to working with and combining this data. Then lastly, there are Apps that can utilize the data to do things, like for example displaying it using a Timeline or querying it using a Chatbot.





Check all sources or propose a new source


Nostalgia Query Language



Config Manager
Config Manager
To see all repositories have a look at the nostalgia organization github

Getting Started

Set up Nostalgia Core

and/or test the timeline: Nostalgia Timeline

Also, please fill in the 3 questions survey with respect to the sources that interest you most


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